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Yacht Club Pontoon Boat Bunk Trailer

A pontoon trailer that is perfect for 13-16' pontoon boats. It comes complete with the winch stand and winch, taillights and connector, and comes with a painted finish. Will work with pontoon boats up to 8' wide.

Sale Price: $1,495*

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*Limited Availability

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GillGetter/Qwest Mooring Covers

GillGetter/Qwest factory made custom mooring covers. The built-in snaps allow the cover to be put on and taken off with ease. Also included are cover poles to allow the cover to shed water while it is raining.

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Table Assembly w/ Removeable Pedestal

A new table assembly complete with mounting base, pedestal, and table top. With its quick stow design, the table top and pedestal can be removed in a matter of moments: just twist and lift. The stainless steel mounting base stays screwed to the deck and is almost completely flush with the floor.

  • Table Top Diameter: 21"
  • Table Height: 27 1/2"
  • # of Cupholders: 4

Sale Price: $199.88*

*Limited Availability

Magnesium Anode
(For Fresh Water Aluminum Pontoons)

If you keep your aluminum pontoon boat in the water for weeks or all season you should be using an anode to keep the aluminum from pitting and corroding. In salt water you need a zinc anode, but in fresh water you need a magnesium anode. This unit can easily be placed on the pontoon motor mount or transducer mounting bracket (see photos). Change anodes when they are 70% consumed. Each 3-3/4" (2 disk) magnesium anode is manufactured to US Military alloy specifications.

Sale Price: $29.88*

*Limited Availability

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